A thank you letter from Ms. Budour, who used to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety

We put in your hands the story of Budour, a 35-year-old resident of the Gulf States. She used to suffer from severe anxiety and stress.  Now panic attacks did not reappear after using our herbal treatment.

Budour’s suffering began when one night she woke up terrified. She felt her heartbeat racing and her limbs getting cold. She was sweating excessively and abnormally. Later on, the symptoms occurred more frequently until she used to experience them day and night. Budour suspected that she might be suffering from a heart disease, so she went to see a cardiologist. However, the cardiologist who examined her told her that she suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.

In her first message, Budour explains the reason behind her suffer. She is a single lady who had to leave her country after the death of her father and after war invaded her country. Budour was mourning. She was full of agony. This made her wake up at night, frightened. Budour also says that her doctor prescribed several medications for her to take in the morning and in the evening. She felt somewhat better. However, the situation got worse after having some problematic issues that she did not specify.

Her doctor prescribed a medication that usually, people with such a condition would take. Indeed, she felt improvement after taking the prescribed medication, but this improvement only lasted for a very short period and then the symptoms reappeared again. In addition, she suffered severely from the side effects of these medications as they have many adverse effects. As a result, she started to search for a solution through Google Website, until she ultimately found our website with the help of her best friend.

Then, she decided to contact us and ask for a treatment for anxiety and panic attacks.

A Month Later

Below, is a screenshot of her first e-mail:

Panic Attack

Budour explains how medications did not help her defeat her disease.

Only one month passed by after using our herbal treatment, and the symptoms started to gradually disappear.

Budour, has finished her first therapeutic course within a short period of time. Afterwards, she felt that her condition had greatly improved; therefore, she sent a thank-you letter. We ask Allah (God) to give us the power to help treat all patients with our treatments. We ask him to give all patients the strength to make it through their illnesses and hard times.

Our staff at Hekma Center send Budour a letter of congratulate after she had fully recovered from anxiety and panic attacks.

Attached below is a thank-you letter from Budour after she finished her treatment:

panic attack

Budour had fully recovered from anxiety and panic attacks

In her letter

Budour says that she used to suffer from panic attacks. So, the symptoms annoyed her and made her feel uncomfortable. She contacted us for search of a solution. Our treatment included Ashwagandha – Winter Cherry, Baikal Skullcap, Moringa Olefera, Gotu kola and other herbs. Budour started to read about these herbs and she ultimately found that they could be very effective and helpful for her case. She says also that she did not feel any improvement in the first days but rather after 3-4 weeks. She continued with the treatment until she ultimately recovered from panic attack and anxiety.

Finally, Budour says, “everyone is exposed to psychological pressure; this is why I am continuing with the treatment to make sure that the symptoms will not occur again.”

Attached below is a continuation of the letter after we asked her to expand and clarify more about her previous situation with panic attacks:

panic attack

Budour is interested in continuing the treatment.