Mahmoud Younis: “my motto in life is absolute faith in God all mighty and the certainty of his ability to heal me, so I recovered in 3 months”

Prof. Hani Younis: “the cure from diseases lays in one’s belief in God all mighty and his ability to cure one and also in the combination of technological development and the natural treatment with medicinal herbs. “

An interview with a patient who was cured from cancer in 3 months.

Journalist: Samir abu Alheja

Published in Almarkaz journal

“It never occurred to me that I may have cancer. when I had a severe cough early this year, I went to the clinic for a checkup and like usual the doctor prescribed me Analgesics like Acamol, but that did not help me at all and the coughing continued. With time I started to feel pain in the chest and was not able to sleep on my right side. I went to see the my doctor again and he sent me to do roentgen in Um Al-fahem (a city). When the radiologist saw my X-ray, he immediately gave me a referral to the Carmel hospital in Haifa. The CT scan I did on 27/April/2011 in Carmel hospital revealed that I have cancer and that I have (6cmx4cm) size tumor in my lung. My left lung was full with cancerous fluids that the tumor secretes until I was unable breathe. At times I even felt that I had no lungs at all.”

This is what Mahmoud Younis 32 years old, from A’ra village said. Mahmoud is married and has a son. He added:” after I was diagnosed, I contacted a relative of mine who works in Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital and he recommended that I better be treated in Sheba. I met with a specialist at Sheba and he first discharged the fluids through my back and then took a sample of the tumor to find out which treatment they would start. My CT scan results showed that cancer had spread to my abdomen, diaphragm and behind the lung which means I was at an advanced  stage of cancer.”

Younis continues: “ Doctors at the hospital decided that I should immediately start with chemotherapy and they set up the date. Before I started chemo, I decided to try natural remedies with herbs; so on the 28 of April, a day after my CT scan and my diagnosis, I went to Hekma Center under the management of Prof. Hani Younis, where a friend of mine was treated and was completely cured in 4 months.

I started treatment with the natural herbs first and within a week the cough had stopped and I noticed improvement in my condition. The treatment was intensive, I had to take up to 70 capsules a day of different medicinal herbs in addition to wheat grass juice and Rhamnus frangula honey with Royal jelly. After about 3 weeks, I started my first session of chemotherapy and after a month I took the second one alongside natural therapy.

At the beginning of chemotherapy sessions, the doctors explained to me how hard it is going to be and the possible severe side effects accompanied with it, and that there are no guarantees for recovery because I was at an advanced stage of cancer. They also told me that the treatment period is going to be long and that they will decide upon the upcoming treatment according to the CT scan after 3 months.”

Younis confirms that after he took the natural treatment with herbs, he did not suffer from the side effects of chemotherapy like the rest. He says “I did not lose my strength and energy and I was even able to drive home. This is due to the strong immunity that I was able to maintain because of the natural herbs. On the 27th of July, I did CT scan that showed that I was clear of cancer and that I have recovered completely. The medical crew was surprised by the results. When I told them that I was also treated with a natural remedy, they did not show any interest in the subject and the doctor only congratulated me and did not even sit with me, but rather said we will meet later. It seemed as if the doctor did not believe the results as if they were inaccurate, and even though the CT scan showed I recovered, he suggested another chemotherapy session and another CT scan after a month. By this last session, I completed 4 sessions of chemotherapy. Then I did a CT scan by the end of August and the results were a second confirmation of my complete recovery from the disease and the disappearance of all previous signs.”

It should be noted that Mahmoud went to Prof. Hani Younis’s clinic, Hekma Center, upon the recommendation of a friend in his thirties who was diagnosed with cancer of the Thymus gland and was completely cured within four months.

(Mahmoud provided us with the medical documents which prove his words). The first document shows his first visit at the hospital, the tests and biopsy he did, and the diagnosis.

The second document confirms the CT scan results on 27-7-2011 in comparison to CT scan on 27-4-2011 showing that the patient is completely clear from cancer.

The third document is a repeated CT scan after a month and a confirmation of his recovery.

What did the doctors say to Mahmoud and his friend?

We asked Mahmoud about the doctor’s reaction after the CT results and he said: “the doctor believes it is phenomena and that has never seen anything like before. My doctor congratulated me but said that I have to continue with the suggested sessions of chemotherapy even though I have recovered, so I underwent only one more session because he insisted and then I took another CT scan after a month and it showed that I had completely recovered.”

The father of Mahmoud’s friend, who preferred to keep confidentiality of his and his son’s name, said: “I told the head manager of the oncological department at Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem that my son is treated with natural herbs, so he suggested that we stop the natural treatment and take chemotherapy instead because he did not know what effect will the natural treatment have on my son. But I insisted that we continues with the natural treatment and not take chemotherapy. The results came in very quick and tumor began to shrink, the doctor told me that he is chocked and impressed with the natural treatment and recommended that we continue with it instead of chemotherapy.”

We have searched for similar cases and were able to track one case of a lady (name is kept confidential) in her thirties from up north who was diagnosed with breast cancer with metastasis to the bones. This lady says: “after my husband died, I was completely paralyzed. I could not stand on my feet. I felt great pain, which affected my daily life and I am a mother of three children. My mother used to take care of me, feed me and help me shower. I did some tests and they showed I have breast cancer with metastasis to the bones. Doctors tried to convince to undergo chemotherapy but I refused to take it because I was scared that I was going to lose my hair and I did not want my kids to see me like this. Then my family suggested that I try natural treatment instead, I agreed immediately.

I went to Hekma Center that is managed by Prof. Hani Younis in A’ra village and started treatment with natural herbs and it helped strengthen my immunity and prevent hair loss as a result of chemotherapy. The natural treatment made me stronger and more energetic. I even made attempts to stand up and walk again. After a short period of time, I was able to stand on my feet and walk a few steps. The treatment period with medicinal herbs lasted for 6 months. And today I do not need the help from anyone because I have recovered completely, praise to God, and became healthy like I was before.” She added: “I was recovered because of Allah and the natural treatment with medicinal herbs”.

Is it a miracle, or is it a treatment method?

In an interview with Prof. Hani Younis, a specialist of cancer treatment with medicinal herbs and founder of Hekma Center, he said: “ in the name of Allah the merciful I start. In Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, he says “Make use of medical treatment, for Allah has not made a disease without appointing a remedy for it, with the exception of one disease, namely old age.” This Hadith comes to confirm that Allah (SWT) in the past years, even before the birth of prophet Muhammad, had created medication for cancer. When God created illness, he also created cure. That saying is relevant in all times and not only in a specific period of time. This indicates that both illness and treatment, are the creation of God and also indicates that they both exist mainly in nature (animals and herbs and honey and ZamZam water).”

As an answer to the following question:  is the cancer treatment you offer at  your center general to all cancer patients? Meaning do you treat all types of cancer (stomach, intestines, liver, lung, leukemia, lymph, chest, bones and others) the same way? He says: “ of course not, each organ has different features and each patient has a different health condition; therefore, each patient is treated with different medicinal herbs; however, the method of treatment is similar. The purpose of each treatment is to prevent spread and proliferation of cancer cells as well as to help strengthen the immune system and purify the body from accumulated toxins. We also provide our patients with a list of daily instructions and healthy diet that he/she should adhere to during the treatment period and afterwards.

Prof. Hani Younis continues: “ Allah Almighty has created us from soil, thus our food and medications must be from soil, otherwise, our body functioning may be damaged. God Almighty created plants, water, and minerals with different compounds and precise compositions with perfect adjustment and compatibility to our body composition and functioning so that it can be consumed as healthy food and used as a remedy for diseases. Allah also prepared our bodies to adjust to these substances that are of his creation, furthermore, the chemical and processed substances that humans created are considered foreign substances to the human body therefore it cannot digest it. For example if you take a piece of plastic and parry it in the ground for 10 years it would still be the same and will not decompose. The same is with every similar plastic or chemical substance that enters into the human body, it cannot be identified by the body and it will cause insider damage. Even the simplest substances that we are somewhat used to, like Acamol or Panadol, if one takes one tablets, the body can overcome its damage and tonicity, but if one takes 20 tablets it will cause severe damage to the body or even death. Each chemical substance whether it is a preservative or a chemical treatment or a food dye or an insecticide can cause severe damage to the human body and it can cause cancer. Chemotherapy may have some benefits; however, its adverse effects are much more than its benefits. Natural substances on the other hand, were created by God for the benefit of all mankind, believers and non-believers, equally and they do not cause any harm.”

Prof. Hani Younis adds:” it has been agreed upon that the cause of cancer is chemical toxicity of the body whether it is from an outer source (like Pesticides or exposure to carcinogens) or an inner source (the bodies inability to remove body waste and dead cells). Each day an amount of 30 billion of body cells die and the body has to remove it all. If the body is not strong enough, then it cannot dispose these cells; hence, they will accumulate and will secrete toxins. Simple logic, If the cause of cancer is due to an accumulation of toxins, how would you expect to treat it by adding even more toxins to the body (chemotherapy)?! It is like cleaning a dirty dish with a dirty duvet.”

Prof. Hani Younis asserts that believers should first return to God by praying, for he is the creator of both illness and cure. People should pray and do charity. And they should also return to specialists with great knowledge and not to forget to take advantage of modern technology for accurate diagnosis.