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Epimedium extract

Natural viagra

Epimedium extract


EPIM Product is 100% natural product. The pack contains 100 capsules of Epimedium extract known also as Horny Goat Weed. Epimedium is considered a natural Viagra. Researchers found that Epimedium extract is as effective as Viagra, even better because it does not have side effects like the chemical drug. Epimedium strengthens the sexual organs and improves sexual performance in both sexes. It also  nourishes the female reproductive system and is excellent in treating frigidity. Moreover, Researches have shown that Epimedium improves blood flow in all body parts, especially the genitals and it is particularly effective in treating prostate cancer. For more information, please read below.

EPIM Product is a natural product certified by the Local Ministry of Health and holds a GMP Certificate. The product is packed according to the World strict conditions for safety, health and hygiene. It holds the ISO-9001 Certificate and the ISO-22000 Certificate. The product has a USA FDA registration number. Note that this product is exclusive to ”Hekma Center” and can be purchased through our  website ans Amazon website from all over the World. Note: bottle comes in 3 different colors: blue/green/brown.

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Botanical name: Epimedium brevicornum

Common names: Horny goat weed, barrenwort, bishop’s hat, fairy wings, yin yang huo

Product name: EPIM

Sex herb: to strengthen the genitals and increase sexual arousal

Epimedium has been used in traditional medication in ancient China. Nowadays, it has gained international interest after scientific research have shown its effective and important medicinal uses. Epimedium is used to improve blood circulation in the whole body including the genitals. It is an excellent herb for treating sexual dysfunction in men and women. An important usage of Epimedium in men is to help get an erection, enlarge penis, improves sperm quality and help men have better sexual performance. Epimedium is an excellent natural alternative of the Viagra pills; it has the same effect and it does not have any side effects. Epimedium can be used effectively in women as well, it treats frigidity and other sexual problems.

It has been scientifically proved that Epimedium contains Icariin enzyme which inhibits the work of PDE5 enzyme (Phosphodiesterase type 5), as a result penis muscles relax allowing blood to flow causing erection. PDE5 inhibitors do not produce a spontaneous erection, they only prolong an erection that occurs due to sexual stimulation.

EPIM product indications:

1- to effectively treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It also enlarges penis size and accelerates spermatic fluid.

2- for impotence and sexual dysfunction in men and women. It increase sexual desire.

3- to improve blood circulation in the body which dramatically improves genitals work.

4- to increase testosterone level to normal by activating the testis in men. Also to improve sperm production.

5- to increase nitric oxide level since it contains icariin enzyme. The increase of nitric oxide level helps relax the smooth muscles of the genitals which increases blood flow in the penis and causes erection and greater sense of pleasure.

6- to activate the Limbic nervous system which is responsible for sexual functioning. It increases the sensory receptors in the skin, particularly in the genitals, by raising levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline, serotonin and dopamine in the central nervous system CNS.

7- for sexual dysfunction caused by prostate diseases and for effectively treating prostate cancer.

8- to prevent osteoporosis in women especially in menopause.

9- for genital inflammations and excess vaginal secretion due to infection.

10- to improve sexual performance and erotism in men and women.

11- for various cancer diseases. It inhibits the growth of blood vessels in the body, which limits the growth of cancer and makes it shrink. it is known that cancer needs new blood vessels in order to evolve and grow. It also protects against genital cancer.

12- to strengthen the ovaries and activate the adrenal gland in women.

13- to regulate the production of adrenal gland hormones, cortisol and cortisone, and balance its level in the body, especially if it was raised after psychological and physical disorder. Increased cortisone level inhibits the activity of several organs, amongst them the genital organs.

14- for anti-aging and to improve women mood before and during menopause.

15- to raise the level of thyroid hormones to normal.

16- for frequent urgent urination.

17- for rheumatic pain, limb spasm, lower back pain and knee pain because it improves blood circulation in the limbs.

18- for certain heart diseases.

19- for high cholesterol level in the blood.

20- for hair loss in men.

21- for high blood pressure. it expands the blood vessels.

22- for respiratory system diseases like asthma, cough and lung infections.

23- for kidney and liver diseases and disorders.

Important notes: 

-It is recommended to use the EPIM product (Epimedium) with maka Product (Lepidium meyenii) Click on the product name to read about it.

-AVOID taking Epimedium with great amount of food or alcohol because they reduce its potency.


1- EPIM product is contraindicated in cases of estrogen sensitivity or high level of estrogen hormone in the blood because it raises the level of estrogen hormone; therefore, EPIM product is contraindicated in hormone related cancers like uterus cancer, ovaries cancer and breast cancer. Also in case of uterine fibrosis and uterine inflammations.

2- EPIM product is contraindicated in conjunction with contraceptive pills.

3- EPIM product is contraindicated for patients on psychiatric drugs.

4- EPIM product is contraindicated for pregnant and nursing women.


1- EPIM product should be used with caution for patients on blood thinning drugs like Aspirin because it is liquefactive.

2- EPIM should be used with caution for heart patients. you must consult a doctor first.

3- EPIM product should be used with caution for people with migraine because it expands blood vessels and increases the pain. (avoid Epimedium intake during migraine attack)

4- EPIM product should be used with caution for hyper people and for those who do heavy daily exercises or hard physical work.

Side effects:

EPIM product  is considered safe if taken at commonly used dosage or according to a specialized physician.

There might appear some non-harming temporary side effects such as: sweating, nervousness, jittering, thirst, red rash and changes in heart rhythm.

If you experience any of these side effects, do not worry. All side effects are temporary and will disappear once you finish the treatment. It is recommended to take EPIM product with plenty of water.


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