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Raw Nectar Honey or Polyfloral Honey

Raw Nectar Honey or Polyfloral Honey


Nectar honey/ Raw honey product is 100% natural. The product is packaged according to the strict international conditions of safety, health and hygiene. It is certified by local ministry of health and holds GMP, ISO-9001, ISO-22000 and FDA accreditation. This product is exclusive to Hekma Center and can be purchased through our website or through approved sale websites like amazon from all over the world.

Identification Card

  • Product name: Mountain Honey
  • Scientific name: Nectar honey/ Raw honey
  • Common name: Polyfloral Honey
  • Net weight:  500 gram
  • Additional names: Wildflower Honey

Raw Nectar Honey

Honey is the only food that contains all the necessary substances; therefore, it is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Also, it is the only food that contains a pinocembrin flavonoid, which is a type of antioxidant. Honey improves brain functioning and treat brain ischemia, bleeding within the brain, and neurodegenerative diseases. It also helps treat heart and blood vessels diseases, for example, narrowing of blood vessel walls which is known as atherosclerosis as well as other diseases.

Nectar honey – Polyfloral, also known as wildflower honey. It is derived from the nectar of different types of plants such as,(flowers, herbs, fruit trees, herbaceous plants, essential oils, and other varieties of melliferous plants, which are plants that produces substances that can be collected by insects and turned into honey ). Its taste may vary from year to year, as well as the odor which can be more or less intense, depending on which flowers are prevalent in the area.

Aside from its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-diabetic properties. nectar honey – polyfloral contains phytoncides, water, carbohydrates, enzymes, organic acids, simple sugars, double sugars, proteins and also nitrogenous substances. In addition, it contains substances that induce cell growth and different vitamins. (В1, В2, В3, B9 (folic acid), В6 (pyridoxine), К, С, Е, and carotene).

Nectar Honey- polyfloral is indicated for:

    1.  As a treatment for cancer. It contains phytonutrients which are healthy chemicals produced by the plants. These chemicals have anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties. In other words, honey helps fight cancer despite the common idea that cancer patients should avoid it.
    2.  As a natural source of energy. contains simple sugars that are easily absorbed, therefore, provides energy and reduces tiredness.
    3.  Anemia. It increases hemoglobin levels in the blood.
    4.  Asthma and respiratory diseases. It expands the airways and dissolve sputum.
    5.  As a preventive treatment against brain diseases. brain ischemia, brain bleeding, and stroke, for instance.
    6.  helps relieve symptoms of and treat Cystic fibrosis.
    7.  Cold, cough and sore throat.
    8.  it helps relieve sinusitis
    9.  liver diseases, for example, fatty liver and liver fibrosis.
    10.  Cleansing the liver and the colon from parasites and toxins.
    11.  increases the amount of WBC (white blood cells), as a result, it increases the strength of the immune system. One must use it regularly.
    12.  The development of the good bacteria in the gut. In other words, keeps intestines environment healthy and balanced.
    13.  stomach diseases, colon inflammation, stomach infections, stomach acidity, duodenal ulcer, inflammatory bowel diseases, and also stomach ulcers.
    14.  It kills the bacteria that causes acne.
    15.  removes scars after Injuries and burns. induces faster repair of tissue.(external use)

Additional indications:

    1.  boosts the urinary system, In addition, helps get rid of stones in the urinary ducts.
    2.  To improve sexual capability and increases fertility in both men and women.
    3.  helps with migraine
    4.  Honey cleans ans hydrates the skin if applied directly on it.
    5.  As a natural antibiotic against viruses, bacteria, and fungi, moreover, for lymphatic system inflammations.
    6.  Reduces LDL cholesterol levels, known as the bad cholesterol.
    7.  prevents heart and blood vessels diseases. It strengthens the heart muscle and also improves blood circulation.
    8.  To help keep blood pressure in normal levels.
    9.  helps reducing anxiety and promote better sleep.
    10.  to prevent or treat diabetes disease. To clarify,  functions as an anti-diabetic.
    11.  Pregnant and nursing women.
    12.  Tooth growth and protection.
    13.  relieves toothache. topical use.
    14.  This type of honey eliminates bad breath.
    15.  treats problems of cornea as well as eyelid ulcers.
    16.  helps to restore and strengthen vision.
    17.  Kidney diseases, for example kidney stones.
    18.  Obesity.
    19.  Varicose veins, the swollen veins.
    20.  Honey helps reduce dandruff. Topical use.


    1.  Nectar honey – polyfloral is contraindicated for people allergic to honey products.
    2.  Nectar honey – polyfloral is contraindicated for children under 2 years old.

    Side effects:

    Nectar honey – polyfloral is considered safe for use both in adults and in children. (see section (2) of the contraindications)

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