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Treatment for Anemia

Treatment for Anemia


The therapeutic package for Anemia recommended by Hekma Center consists of 10 different medicinal herbs in addition to Bee pollen and Rhamnus frangula honey with Royal Jelly. Many scientific studies have proved the effectiveness and medicinal properties of these herbs in treating Anemia. This treatment package was found very effective, therefore it is highly recommended. The package for Anemia is sufficient for 50 days. Improvement will be noticed during this period of time and will continue until the patient recovers fully. The patient must keep contact with our staff once every 2 weeks for follow up. In some cases, the patient might need to order another treatment package depending on his health condition and in prior arrangement with our crew. For more information please read below.

All products included in this package are 100% natural. The products are packaged according to the strict international condition of safety, health and hygiene. They are certified by local ministry of health and hold a GMP certification, the ISO-9001, and the ISO-22000 certificate. The products also have a USA FDA registration number. It should be noted that these products are exclusive to Hekma Center and you can purchase them through our website or through approves sale website such as Amazon and ebay from all over the World.

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Treatment for: Anemia

Duration of treatment: 50 days

ship weight: 2.67 kg

Price: 880 USD

The natural treatment for anemia recommended by Hekma Center consists of 10 different medicinal herbs:Gallium aparine, Moringa oleifera, Urtica DioicaEleutherococcus Senticosus, Astragalus Membranaceus, Withania Somnifera, Folic acidZinc picolinate, Spirulina, Wheat grass and barleyRhamnus frangula honey with Royal jelly (Seder product)Bee pollen. The patient will also receive a list of important daily instructions to do at home. Many scientific studies have proved the effectiveness of these natural herbs in treating anemia naturally without side effects. This treatment is tested and highly recommended by specialists of Hekma Center. (for detailed information about each product and for references you can click on the name of the herb).

Method of use: Doses should be taken according to the detailed table below. Take capsules before, with or after a meal in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening.

This therapeutic package for anemia is sufficient for 50 days. The patient’s condition will improve gradually during this period of time. The patient might need another treatment package depending on his health condition and in prior arrangement with our crew; Therefore, He must keep contact with our staff once every 2 weeks for follow up. It is also very important to abide by the given instructions during this  treatment period.

This treatment is 100% natural and does not have side effects. It is intended for people suffering from Anemia only. If you have other health conditions, please contact us through our email for consultation so we can prescribe a treatment that best suits your condition. The therapeutic package for Anemia is suitable for both males and females.

NOTE: Price of the treatment package for anemia does not include shipping and delivery charges.

For browsing and reading about these herbal products, please click on the name of the herb.

Natural treatment for Anemia recommended by Hekma Center:


First portion Second portion


Lymf (Gallium aparine)

2 caps. * 2 times 2 caps. * 2 times


Magic1 (Moringa oleifera)

2 caps. * 2times 2 caps. * 2 times


Kur (urtica dioica)

2 caps. * 2 times 2 caps. * 2 times


S.G1 (Eleutherococcus Senticosus)

2 caps. * 2 times 2 caps. * 2 times


Astro (Astragalus Membranaceus)

2 caps. * 2 times 2 caps. * 2 times


Vitan (Withania Somnifera)

2 caps. * 2 times 2 caps. * 2 times


Folic (Folic acid)

1 cap. * 2 times 1 cap. * 2 times


Zinc (Zinc picolinate)

1 cap. * 2 times 1 cap. * 2 times


Spiru (Spirulina)

2 caps. * 2 times 2 caps. * 2 times


Magic.wb (Wheat and Barley juice powder)

2 caps. * 2 times 2 caps. * 2 times


Seder product (Rhamnus frangula honey with royal jelly)

1tsp * 1 times 1tsp * 1 times


Bee Pollen (pollen)

1 sachet * 2 times 1 sachet * 2 times


NOTE: Patients suffering from severe Anemia, especially women after birth, it is recommended to take an additional medicinal herbs such as: Angelica Sinensis, Lepidium Meyenii, Calendula officinalis, Alchemilla, Rumex Crispus, Silybum Marianum. (Ask the staff of Hekma Center).


Anemia is a condition of low hemoglobin levels (Hb” Hemoglobin is the main part of red blood cells that transfers oxygen to all body organs”). Low Hemoglobin causes a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood. There are different types of anemia and they are classified according to the size of red blood cells (MCV) and also according to their variation (RDW) and the concentration of hemoglobin in them (MCHC).

The most common Anemia types are:

  1.  Anemia due to lack of iron: iron deficiency causes imbalance in the production of hemoglobin and thus a partial attachment of oxygen in red blood cells.
  2.  Anemia due to a deficiency in vitamin B12 or B9: theses deficiencies cause damage to the production of white blood cells (WBC) in bone marrow. When anemia is caused by a deficiency in vitamin B12 absorption, it is called Malignant anemia; However, when it is caused by folic acid deficiency, it is called Megaloblastic anemia. These types of anemia is more prevalent among vegetarians

Causes of Anemia:

  1.  Decreased RBC production, B12 deficiency, B9 deficiency, or iron deficiency due to malnutrition or bone marrow disorder.
  2.  Blood loss as a result of an injury, surgery, constant bleeding, birth, menstruation, bleeding hemorrhoids, or peptic ulcers.
  3.  Increased destruction of red blood cells (Hemolytic anemia).
  4.  pregnancy and breastfeeding (during pregnancy and breastfeeding part of the iron goes from the mother to the fetus).
  5.  Smoking.
  6.  Exposure to toxic chemicals such as Pesticide, or the use of some medications like chemotherapy drugs and certain antibiotics.
  7.  Some chronic diseases such as arthritis, HIV/Aids, different types of cancer, enteritis, renal failure, hepatic diseases, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
  8.  Inherited diseases like thalassemia and drepanocytic (sickle cell) anemia.
  9.  Autoimmune response against red blood cells or autoimmune disease such as lupus.
  10.  Hypothyroidism.
  11.  Erythropoietin deficiency due to renal failure. Erythropoietin is a hormone produced by the kidneys when there is a decrease in the amount of oxygen to stimulate the production of WBC in bone marrow.
  12.  Parasitic infection especially malaria.

Symptoms of Anemia:

  1.  Tachycardia or arrhythmia.
  2.  Lightheadedness (dizziness) and nausea.
  3.  Shortness of breath.
  4.  Physical weakness.
  5.  Fatigue and tension.
  6.  Headache.
  7.  Paleness.
  8.  Loss of skin freshness.
  9.  Muscle cramps.
  10.  Cold limps (hands and feet).
  11.  Difficulty concentrating.
  12.  Non menstruation in women.
  13.  advanced and non-treated cases of anemia have symptoms like stroke, arrhythmia, heart failure, neuronal damage and death.
  14.  Anemia caused by genetic defects or a dysfunction of bone marrow may have more severe symptoms such as: spleen enlargement, weak immunity (susceptibility to infections), pain, growth and development disorders, retardation, kidney failure, and bleeding.

Advice for People with Anemia:

  1.  Get adequate rest and sleep and try to avoid stress and tension.
  2.  Drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters a day).
  3. Drink 3 glasses of water (approximately 400ml) first thing in the morning. You can dissolve 1tbsp of raw honey to the 3 glasses of water. Preferably wait at least ½ -1 hours before you have your breakfast (for cleansing of the stomach and intestines).
  4. Eat 1-3 dates ½ -1 hour after you drink the water in the morning.
  5.  Do light exercises like walking because it helps to stimulate blood circulation and supply the body with oxygen. Moreover, you should try relaxation exercises (yoga, meditation, breathing exercises) because they help relieve stress and tension that cause malabsorption of iron and various B vitamins.
  6.  Eat one crushed clove of garlic twice a day (morning and evening).
  7.  Eat one spoon of cumin with a spoonful of honey twice a day (morning and evening).
  8.  Drink fennel tea or licorice drink.
  9.  Adhere to a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats that are rich in iron, vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin C. Scientific studies have shown that vitamins and minerals from a natural source are better absorbed in the body.
  10.  Eat small meals at close intervals (every 2-3 hours) and chew food well before you swallow.
  11.  Eat foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, AND selenium because they prevent oxidation damages and help balance the digestive system and the circulatory system.
  12.  Drink rosemary tea every day.
  13.  Drink ginger tea every day.
  14.  Drink oregano tea, chamomile tea, and mint tea every day.
  15.  Drink celery juice and eat green vegetables every day.
  16. Have up to 1 small cup of olive oil throughout the day (you can add it to thyme, salad or any other food).
  17.  Take L-Arginine dietary supplement.
  18.  Make, necessary tests to exclude internal bleeding.
  19.  Maintain a healthy weight.

Diet for Anemia due to Iron Deficiency, B9 Deficiency, and B12 Deficiency:

Anemia due to iron deficiency, B9 deficiency and B12 deficiency – is the most common malnutrition deficiency in the world.

Diet for this type of anemia should be rich in iron and in foods that help increase the absorption of iron; therefore, it is important to take vitamins like folic acid, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C.

Advised Foods:

  1.  Increase consume of iron from animal source (heme) such as internal organs of animal like liver, kidney and heart. You can also consume organic eggs, honey, red meat especially ham.
  2.   Foods high in vitamin C: Vitamin C helps increase iron absorption. Preferably eat citrus, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, and papaya.
  3.  Eat fish especially salmon, tuna, caviar, sardines, oysters and sea food.
  4.  Eat organic eggs especially yolk.
  5.  Fruits and vegetables high in B vitamins: bananas, avocados, kiwi, oranges.
  6.  Increase consumption of iron from a non-heme source:

* legumes: lentils, ground peas, beans, chick pea, and soy beans.

* raw nuts and seeds such as almonds, almonds, pine nuts, cashews, Brazilian nuts, American walnuts, walnuts, pecans, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

* vegetables: beets, artichokes, peppers, broccoli, Shallot, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, radish, and cauliflower.

* leafy greens: spinach, green onions, lettuce, watercress, celery, parsley.

* Fruits: dried fruits (figs, apricots, dates, raisins) and fresh fruits like persimmon, pomegranate, Morus alba, bananas, apples, dark grapes, pears, apricots, strawberries, and plums.

* whole grains: quinoa, Buckwheat, brown rice, whole wheat, oatmeal, bulgur, wheat bran (beware of large intake of whole grains as it can impede iron absorption).

* Other foods: sugar molasses, algae, black olive leaf, dark chocolate, yeasts, tahini, sesame, carob molasses, Palestinian thyme.

People with Anemia Should Avoid the Following:

  1.  Foods high in calcium like milk and dairy especially that is made of cow milk because it can impede iron absorption.
  2.  Foods high in fibers. Large intake of fibers can impede iron absorption.
  3.  Coffee, tea, and soy protein foods because they block the absorption of iron in your body.
  4.  Foods rich in saturated fat, fried food and hydrogenated oils.
  5.  Extreme sports.
  6.  White flour and white sugar.
  7.  Processed foods, sweeteners, sugars, and foods containing preservatives or flavorings.
  8.  Hot spicy food.
  9.  Smoking.
  10.  Alcohol and energy drinks.


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