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Treatment for Bell’s Palsy

Treatment for Bell’s Palsy


The therapeutic package for bell’s palsy recommended by Hekma Center contains 8 kinds of natural herbs and minerals (14 bottles, each one contains 100 capsules): Methyl sulfonyl methane, Echinacea roots, Zinc picolinateExtract of liquorice, Moringa, Feverfew, Asparagus, and Hericium mushroom. This therapeutic package is very effective therefore, it is highly recommended by specialist of Hekma Center. The package is sufficient for 50 days. Improvement will be noticed within the first 2 weeks and will continue until you fully recover from bell’s palsy by the end of treatment. No further treatments will be needed after you finish this package. For more information please read below.

All the products in this package  are a natural treatment certified by local ministry of health and have a GMP certification. The products are packaged according to the strict international condition of safety, health and hygiene.It has the  ISO-9001, the  ISO-22000 certifications and a USA FDA registration number. It should be noted that these Certifications are exclusively for our products and you can buy them through our ”Hekma Center” website from all over the World.

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Bell’s palsy – Natural treatment

The natural treatment of bell’s palsy recommended by Hekma Center contains 8 kinds of herbs and minerals: methyl sulfonyl methaneEchinacea rootszinc picolinateExtract of liquoriceMoringaFeverfew, Asparagus, and Hericium mushroom. The patient will also receive a list of important daily instructions to do at home. Many scientific studies have proved the effectiveness of these herbs in treating bell’s palsy naturally without side effects. This treatment is tested and highly recommended by specialist at Hekma Center.

Method of use:

Treatment is divided into 2 small therapeutic portions 25 days each. Doses are taken at each meal according to the detailed table below. The capsules should be taken before, with or after a meal in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening.

Duration of treatment: 50 days

The therapeutic package consists of 14 bottles, each one contains 100 capsules. You will receive two bottles of each of the following herbs: methyl sulfonyl methaneEchinacea rootsMoringaFeverFewAsparagus, and Hericium mushroom and one bottle of:  zinc picolinate and Extract of liquorice. This therapeutic package is sufficient for 50 days. Improvement will be noticed within 2 weeks and with compliance with the instructions you should recover from bell’s palsy by the end of treatment. This treatment is 100% natural without side effects. It is intended for people suffering from bell’s palsy who do not have other diseases. If you are suffering from another disease, please email us to consult with our specialist in order to give you a treatment that best suits your condition. The therapeutic package for bell’s palsy is suitable for males and females.

Price after discount: 577$

Price does not include shipping and delivery charges.

For browsing and reading about these herbal products included in the treatment package for bell’s palsy, please click on the name of the herb: methyl sulfonyl methaneEchinacea rootszinc picolinateExtract of liquoriceMoringaFeverfew, Asparagus, and Hericium mushroom.

Natural treatment recommended by Hekma Center: 


First portion- 25 days

Second portion- 25 days

 Ech.R (Echinacea roots)

2 caps. * 2 times

  2 caps. * 2 times

 MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane)

2 caps. * 2 times

  2 caps. * 2 times

 Zinc (zinc picolinate)

 1 cap. * 2 times

 1 cap. * 2 times

 DGL (Extract of liquorice)

 1 cap. * 2 times

 1 cap. * 2 times


2 caps. * 2 times

  2 caps. * 2 times


2 caps. * 2 times

  2 caps. * 2 times

Aspar (Asparagus)

2 caps. * 2 times

2 caps. * 2 times

M.Heric (Hericium mushroom)

2 caps. * 2 times

2 caps. * 2 times

Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy is a paralysis or weakness of muscles on one side of the face as a result of an infection or inflammation of the seventh nerve. A damage to the seventh facial nerve causes a prolapse of one side of the face and the inability to control facial muscles and can also affect the sense of taste, tears and saliva.

Bell’s palsy happens without prior notice often during the night and it disappears in several weeks or several months. It is very important to make sure that the patient is not having a stroke.

Causes for Bell’s palsy:

Bell’s palsy usually occurs abruptly at one side of the face. It may happen due to:

1- Exposure to direct air (displays one side of the face of direct air-blast).

2- Physical effort and then sudden exposure to a cold air stream.

3- Psychological stress.

4- It may occur to patients with hyperglycemia.

5- Infection of the seventh nerve.

6- Viral infection often eye herpes.

7- An injury to the skull of the head through which the nerve passes.

8- A tumor that causes pressure on the nerve from inside the skull or outside it.

Symptoms of Bell’s palsy:

1- Facial pain around the ear (in front of or behind the ear).

2- Inability to close the eye (on one side of the face), which may cause dryness of the eye.

3- Difficulty raising the eyebrow, smiling and speaking.

4- The tongue and mouth may appear deflected from the right side and may have saliva running down of it.

5- Hypogeusia.

6- Hypersensitive to sounds and noises due to a damaged in the muscle Stirrup of the ear.

7- Sudden weakness or paralysis in one side of the face that causes facial prolapse.

8- Numbness in the affected side of the face.

Advice for patients with Bell’s palsy:

1- Do morning exercises and morning walks for 30 minutes. Also it is recommended that you do relaxation exercises such as yoga, meditation and breathing exercises as well as swimming twice a week.

2- Adhere to a healthy diet and eat fresh foods that are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and in fiber. Preferably eat fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes because they help a lot with bell’s palsy.

3- Drink plenty of water and fluids (8-10 glasses a day at least).

4- Consume foods high in vitamin C.

5- Consume fresh food that have high content of B vitamins such as legumes (lentils, beans), vegetables (leafy greens, sprouts, root vegetables), fruits (apples, pears, papaya), liver, oatmeal, raw nuts, almonds, potatoes and avocados. These foods help heal and regenerate the nerves; therefore, they are great for people with bell’s palsy.

6- Consume foods high in zinc such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and legumes. Zinc helps heal and regenerate the nerves which helps a lot in case of bell’s palsy.

7- It is advisable to distill your eye, moisture it and cover it with a cloth.

8- Warm the affected side using heated and dry towel.

9- Drink ginger tea 3 times a day.

10- Drink nettle tea.

11- Take Omega3.

12- Take one teaspoon of turmeric in the morning and another one in the evening and drink syrup of licorice.

13- Consume foods that are easy to digest such as fish, boiled vegetables, and juices of fresh fruits and vegetables.

14- Eat foods that contain lysine such as fish, organic eggs, apples, pears, apricots, avocados, green beans and asparagus.

People with Bell’s palsy should avoid the following:

1- Keep away from people that cause you tension and stress and try to relax more. Stress is not good when you have bell’s palsy.

2- Beware of exposure to cold, light and strong air flow.

3- Foods that contain saturated fat, sugar, refined flour, sodium and cholesterol because they may delay healing process of bell’s palsy.

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