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Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease



Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

The treatment of Parkinson’s disease recommended by Hekma Center contains 16 kinds of medicinal herbs and natural substances: Moringa oleifera, Milk thistleMucuna seedsEchinacea flowerspomegranate peelZinc picolinate, Olive leaves, Withania Somnifera, Astragalus Membranaceus, Folic acid, Ginko Biloba, Trifolium Pratense, Salvia officinalis, Scutellaria baicalensis,M.Heric (Hericium mushroom). Nigella Sativa, Rosmarinus officinalis  and Rhamnus frangula honey with royal jelly.

Treatment is divided into 2 small therapeutic portions. Each portion lasts for 25 days.

Method of use:

People who have Parkinson’s Disease should take the daily doses according to the detailed table below. He/she should take all capsules together, twice a day (morning and evening) before, with or after meals.

This therapeutic package for Parkinson’s Disease is sufficient for 33 days.

The patient’s condition will improve gradually during this period of time until he/she finally recovers. Some people who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease might need to order another treatment package; depending on their treatment progress and in prior arrangement with our crew. He/she must keep contact with our staff once every 2 weeks for follow up. It is very important to abide by the given instructions during the treatment period and not withdraw in the middle.

This treatment is 100% organic and does not have side effects. It is effective and can insure recovery from Parkinson’s Disease .

The treatment is intended only for people who have Parkinson’s Disease. If the patient has a different health condition, he/she should contact our staff for consultation, so we can prescribe another treatment that best suits his/her condition. The therapeutic package for anxiety is suitable for both males and females.

In addition to the treatment package, the patient will also receive a list of important daily instructions to do at home. Many scientific studies have proved the effectiveness of these herbs in treating Parkinson’s Disease naturally without side effects. This treatment is tested and therefore, is highly recommended by specialist at Hekma Center.

(for detailed information about each product and for references you can click on the name of the herb below).

Natural treatment for Parkinson’s Disease recommended by Hekma Center:

Treatment for Anxiety with Medicinal Herbs

Click on the product name to read more about it
ProductDaily dosagebottle Count
Vitan (Ashwagandha)1 caps. * 3 times 1
Magic1 (Moringa Oleifera)1 caps. * 3 times 1
Verb (Verbena Officinalis)1 caps. * 3 times 1
Maca (Maca Root)1 caps. * 3 times 1
Baical (Scutellaria Baicalensis)1 caps. * 3 times 1
S.G1(Siberian ginseng)1 caps. * 3 times 1
Zinc (Zinc picolinate)1 caps. * 2 times 1
E-Goto (Gotu Kola Extract)1 caps. * 2 times 1
Note: In case of severe Parkinson’s Disease, it is recommended to add a bottle of of M.Protect product to the package above, and to replace S.G1 product with K.G1 product.
Note: Males who have coitophobia (fear of sexual intercourse), should add 1 bottle of Dam. product, 1 bottle of Super.m product to the above package.
Note: Females who have coitophobia (fear of sexual intercourse), should add 1 bottle of Kaf.m product and 1 bottle of HM1 product to the above package.
Note: In addition to the suggested treatment for Parkinson’s Disease, we recommend that the patient adheres to the diet given with the treatment.


  1. The given dosage of this package is for adults only. If the patient is under puberty age, the dosage will change accordingly.
    Please consult Hekma Staff first.
  2. Patients with hypertension or diabetes, can still take this treatment with the their usual medication; only they have to do daily measurement of blood pressure and blood sugar within a table.
    Blood pressure and sugar level will start to balance gradually until the patient will finally be able to dispense of his/her medication.
  3. Patients with epilepsy, should exclude Mera product and sage tea from the diet regime.
  4. Patients who are about to undergo surgery, must stop this treatment a week before the surgery and a week after, before he can proceed further.

This treatment for Parkinson’s Disease is prohibited in case the patient:

  1. Is about to undergo transplantation of Bone marrow soon and is taking immunosuppressive drugs.
  2. Does dialysis.
  3. Is less than a year old.
  4. Is allergic to one or more of the herbs included in the package.

Piece of advice:

  1. In some cases, it is preferable to consult Hekma staff.
  2. We recommend that the patient keeps contact with our staff preferably once every 2 weeks, to inform us of the last updates in his/her condition so we can assist him/her throughout the treatment process.
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