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Turkey Tail Mushroom -Trametes Versicolor – Extract

Turkey Tail Mushroom -Trametes Versicolor – Extract


M.Trame is a 100% natural product. The bottle contains 100 capsules of extract and powder of Trametes – Turkey tail mushroom. Trametes – Turkey tail mushroom is used to treat various diseases including different types of cancer, chronic fatigue, and anxiety. It is also used to increase the level of WBC and to treat inflammations and viral diseases such as herpes and Mononucleosis. Moreover, it is very effective in treating  respiratory system diseases and inflammations, as well as, hepatic diseases. Trametes – Turkey tail mushroom is considered a super dietary supplement for the elderly for it postpones aging and protects against diseases. For more information please read below.

M.Trame product is a natural product certified by the Local Ministry of Health and holds a GMP Certificate. The product is packed according to the World strict conditions for safety, health and hygiene. It holds the ISO-9001 Certificate and the ISO-22000 Certificate. The product has a USA FDA registration number. Note that this product is exclusive for ”Hekma Center” and can be purchased through our  website and Amazon website from all over the World.


Botanical name: Extract of Trametes Coriolus versicolor

Common name: Turkey tail mushroom, PSK, PSP, VPS, Yun Zhi, Kawaratake, Krestin

Chinese name: Yun- Zhi

Net weight: 53.1 gram

Content: 100 capsules

The story behind the passage of Trametes – Turkey Tail  mushroom from traditional medicine to conventional medicine started with a story of an elderly man from Japan who was diagnosed with late stage of stomach cancer. In an attempt to alleviate his pain, the man turned to traditional medicine where the doctors recommended that he should drink infusions tea made of Trametes – Turkey tail mushroom. A few months later, not only that his pain was alleviated, but extensive examinations by his doctors revealed that the terminal cancer he suffered from was receding. The dramatic change in that man’s condition intrigued his neighbor, who was a pharmaceutical engineer at a large Japanese pharmaceutical company, and made him start a thorough study of the effect of Trametes – Turkey tail mushroom on cancer.

Trametes – Turkey tail mushroom grows all over the world. It has gained its common name “turkey tail” because it has multiple colors that resemble the tail of a wild turkey. In folk medicine it serves as a tonic and a nourishing mushroom

M.Trame product – Extract of Turkey tail mushroom is indicated for:

  1. Treatment of stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, colon cancer, rectum cancer, pancreas cancer, muscle cancer, ovaries cancer, cervix cancer, carcinoma of uterus, lung cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, leukemia and lymphoma. It lessens adverse effects of oncological treatments (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and appetite loss and increases the amount of NK lymphocytes and T cells.
  2. Decreased white blood count (WBC). It increases the production of white blood cells.
  3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).
  4. Chronic viral conditions including: herpes and HIV (better take Trametes – Turkey tail mushroom after a meal).
  5. To helps restore and regenerate damaged mucous membranes of the woman’s body (Bowel, stomach, vagina, skin, and others).
  6. Heartburn.
  7. Gastric ulcer also known as peptic ulcer.
  8. Strengthening of the immune system.
  9. To increases stamina and energy and postpone aging signs like greying.
  10. Mononucleosis.
  11. Fear, tiredness, and anxiety.
  12. Hepatic diseases, viral hepatitis, and to repair damaged liver tissue.
  13. Different inflammations such as inflammations of the digestive system and the urinary tract.
  14.  Asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, and respiratory inflammations.
  15. To alleviate pain.
  16. Diarrhea.

Medical activity:

Activates vaccination, immune system tonic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, diuretic, antiseptic, anti-viral, increases the amount of natural killer cells (NK cells), hepatoprotective, relaxing and calmative.


  1. M.Trame product – Turkey tail mushroom should be used with caution in pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children. There is not enough reliable information about the use of Trametes mushroom in this category of people. Consult your doctor before you take this product.
  2.  M.Trame product – Turkey tail mushroom should be used with caution in people with autoimmune diseases. Consult your doctor before you use this product.

Side effects:

Very rare: Dark stool.


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