Echinacea flower


Ech.f is 100% natural product. The bottle contains 100 capsules of Echinacea purpurea flowers and leaves. This product is an excellent remedy for  various inflammations, like throat inflammation, arthritis, gastritis and other inflammations. Echinacea flower is excellent  for treating colds, flu, any virus or bacteria. Echinacea flower is also used in cancer treatment. It is good for preventing different diseases, and for strengthening the immune system. Ech.f product is considered safe for use, and it can be used by pregnant and nursing women, and children as well. For more information, please read below.

Ech.f product is a natural product certified by the Local Ministry of Health and holds a GMP certificate. The product is packaged according to the World strict conditions for safety, health and hygiene. It has the ISO-9001 Certification, the ISO-22000 Certification and a USA FDA registration number. Note that this product is exclusive for Hekma Center and can be purchased through our website and Amazon website from all over the World. Note: bottle comes in 3 different colors: blue/green/brown.

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