Rhamnus Frangula Honey with Royal Jelly


Royal Seder Product is 100% natural product that contains 500 grams of Rhamnus frangula honey mixed with 30 grams of Royal jelly. Rhamnus frangula honey is used to treat many diseases including cancer and infertility in men due to low sperm count or sperm motility disorders. It is also used to treat infertility in women and to alleviate menopause symptoms. It is advised to use Rhamnus frangula honey for anemia, lack of appetite and extreme skinniness (underweight), as well as, to strengthen the immune system and to protect from common cold and many other diseases. For more information, please read below.

Royal Seder products is certified by local ministry of health. It is packaged according to the strict international condition of safety, health and hygiene. It holds GMP certification, ISO-9001, ISO-22000 and  FDA accreditation. Note that this product is exclusive for Hekma Center and can be purchase through our website from all over the World.



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